What we do

Our service extends beyond providing excellent produce.

We aim to simplify your business by doing all the hard work.

We use our expertise to help create the right products for the right occasion.

For us collaboration is key.

We provide insight and market knowledge to ensure that you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Can we cut it?

We supply both core and more complex lines, from iceberg through to mixes containing 5,6 or 7 different ingredients.

We also have the capability to offer washed and ready to eat vegetables such as onions and tomatoes, diced peppers, shredded & julienne carrot and beetroot.

We also supply coleslaw mixes.

Our pack sizes and formats are flexible, we aim to match the packaging to the product and the customer requirement.

Our technical expertise

We are BRC AA+ (unannounced) & always audit ready!

Our growers are regularly visited by our Agronomy team, and audited to the highest standards to make sure we only source the best in class.

We have an integrated cross functional approach to foreign body reduction.

All our produce is either Global GAP or Red Tractor approved as a minimum.

All leaf is subject to robust processes for identifying and removing defects & foreign bodies.

We continue to invest millions of pounds on a regular basis in our factories and farm.

We are constantly keeping up to date with the latest food safety systems, ensuring all our products meet the standards set out by the highest bodies in our industry.

We know our markets

We don’t just offer a service of supplying products, we like to take a complete category approach

We bring the data to life and offer recommendations to ensure you’re always ahead of the game

We keep up to date with all the latest data throughout the retail food service industry and restaurant markets and are always on hand to help guide our customers.

Seasonal Sourcing

We have a dedicated agronomy & procurement team who travel the globe visiting growers, establishing deep rooted relationships

We work with growers to programme 100% of our leaf.

We create strategic partnerships, some for over 20 years.

We work alongside seed houses on varietal innovation.

We are audited to high industry standards such as Red Tractor, Global Gap and LEAF Marque.